Getting Ready for Wacken: The town

I have already highlighted the bands and people at Wacken (see and but the town that hosts this event also deserves some mention.

So here is what you see once you leave the festival grounds:

And just a few month sleeps before this year’s Wacken begins

Wacken, 2013

Wacken, 2013

Getting Ready for Wacken: The people

While music festivals are focused on the bands as they should be (see, they are also about the people and the fun that they are having.

So when not focusing on the bands, I take pictures of the crowd.

Here are some people having lots of fun

Getting Ready for Wacken: The Bands

It is just about that time of the year again when heavy metal fans descend on a small town in northern Germany for Wacken, one of the most popular music festivals.  (For information about history of the festival, see

Wacken, 2013

Wacken, 2013

As part of my preparation, I have been looking at some of the photos that I took last year.  While I am learning to appreciate the music, I quite enjoy the show and theatrics of the bands themselves.

Here are some pictures from last year:


Museum of Printing Arts Redux

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was off to the Museum of Printing Arts ( for a second time.  It was just as exciting as the first time — something about the whirling machines and the smell of ink.

Here are some photos from the visit:

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And even a bit of alphabetical art

Museum of Printing Arts, Leipzig, Germany

Museum of Printing Arts, Leipzig, Germany

Museum of Printing Arts

I am presently in Leipzig, Germany for the European Summer School of Culture and Technology for work.  As part of the week, a series of excursions are planned into the local area.  This afternoon we are off to the Museum of Printing Arts (

I am quite looking forward to a return trip and wondering what new pictures I might take.

Here are a few from last year’s visit:

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Stay tuned for the new ones.

landscape around the EPFL/University of Lausanne campuses

As many of you have seen, the campuses of EPFL and University of Lausanne are filled with interesting public art and architecture.  But that is not all, the landscape on campus and just beyond is also quite beautiful as these pictures show.



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Window panes

The last post focused on looking up (, this one focuses on looking straight ahead.  Or rather, through windows.

This window in particular has blobs in the pane which bends and warps what is on the other side.  (Sorry for the lack of technical term, but it will become clear once you see the photos.)

Here they are:

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Photographing children

Even when still, children seem to add another layer of energy to a picture.

For example, here is the same scene, one without children, pleasant but perhaps not exciting

Passau, Germany

And then children came running with abandon down the hill

Passau, Germany

Passau, Germany

And then there are children at play

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And children who are stationary

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For more pictures, see