Day 26-28 of 30 day photo challenge

I spent the weekend camping in Tofino, on Vancouver Island (, a beautiful place with very little internet.  As a result, I am posting days 26-28 as one post.


Day 17 of 30 day photo challenge with 3d printing

Originally, my post was going to be pictures of moss, lichen and such,

but then I saw a 3d printer at work.  This presented an opportunity for some pictures (with the finished product to come later.)


Highlights of the summer (May-June)

Starting September 1, I will be doing a 30 day photo challenge (a way to keep the picture taking as the school term starts again).

But before that starts, I thought I would look over the pictures from my summer and pick some highlights, some new and some already shown.

Here is May and June:

My garden

My dog

Vancouver Island

Germany, Austria and Belgium

Graspop Metal Meeting


Life on an island

In these last few days of August, we have been exploring some of the gulf islands, which means using the ferries.  This, of course, prompts opportunities for pictures.

Here are some




Watching from afar:

Escape hatch which sums up ferry life: