Wacken: The fashion

Among the mud and the bands, there is the fashion of Wacken.

Here is a sample of it:

For dealing with the mud:

For looking good:

Memories of summer music festivals

After entering a photo in the Digital Photography School weekly challenge, this time about darkness and light, (see https://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1838/6696/original.jpg for mine), I spent a bit of time looking at photos from the summer music festivals.

Here are some of my favourites:

From Graspop

From Wacken

From Rifflandia

And just a few short months until another round of festivals.

Highlights of the summer (July – August)

And continuing the highlights of the summer, here are some from July and August, which includes a photo credit from the Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s national newspapers.

Paris, France



Amsterdam, Netherlands

Leipzig, Germany



Vancouver Island

My garden

More of my dog

Wacken: The people

This will likely be the last post for Wacken 2014.

While the highlight of Wacken is the bands and music, the people add greatly to the festival.

Here are some of the interesting people enjoying their time:

Santa Claus and his elves enjoying a break before the Christmas rush



We finally found Waldo in the beer garden

Wacken, 2014

Wacken, 2014

Fun in the medieval village

General fun and games

Even a bit of love

Wacken, 2014

Wacken, 2014

And finally people from around the world

Does Viking count as another country?

Wacken, 2014

Wacken, 2014

Wacken: Thanks to the crew

While I will highlight the bands and people of Wacken very soon, I wanted to start the pictures with a thanks to the crew — sound and light technicians, security, first aid, garbage cleanup, photographers, and others — for their hard work while we enjoyed the music.

Here are a few pictures of them at work (and even having a bit of fun along the way)

Wacken 2014: The highlights (with more to come)

Well, just returned from Wacken, and after a long shower, already making plans for next year.  I have many photos to work through, along with many from Graspop, which will take some time.

While I do this, here are some highlights: