Quadra Island

We just spent a few days on Quadra Island, one of the Gulf islands off Vancouver Island.  As usual, my camera came with me.

Enjoying the sunrise and sunset

We spent a few days in the mountains on the way to the ocean.  This provided an opportunity for pictures of the sunrise and sunset.  Beautiful colours this time of year.

Sunrise over the ocean

Sunset over the mountains


Boats of all kinds

In keeping with the past several posts about the water, here are some additional pictures of boats of all shapes and sizes.

In dry dock

Remote controlled boats

Big boats

Boats from different angles

Boats at rest

And standup paddle boards (okay, not quite a boat, but close)

And the important safety gear

Life on an island

In these last few days of August, we have been exploring some of the gulf islands, which means using the ferries.  This, of course, prompts opportunities for pictures.

Here are some




Watching from afar:

Escape hatch which sums up ferry life: