Day 25 of 30 day photo challenge: Brought to you by the colour red

It is hard to believe that the 30 day challenge is almost over.  And while I realize that I am quite the creature of habit in the places that I go (work, same walking route with the dog, my garden), I still find new photo taking opportunities.

And today, red seemed to be everywhere.

Day 24 of 30 day photo challenge

Fall is coming here which includes rain and sun, often at the same time.

I am always amazed at the tenacity of water droplets to hold to a surface.  This, of course, makes for interesting pictures.

Fall is also the time of contrasts.  Of falling leaves

And new growth

Day 10 of 30 day photo challenge: To, from and around campus

Now hitting the 1/3 mark of the 30 day photo challenge with some pictures from my walk to and from campus and more from around the campus.

To campus early in the morning

And around campus

And back home again